G-1 - Typical Sleeve Under Roadway
G-2 - Typical sleeve Under Railway
G-3A - Typical Thrust Block Detail for Horizontal and Sag Vertical Anchors
G-3B - Typical Thrust Block Detail for Horizontal and Sag Vertical Details (T Values)
G-4A - Typical Thrust Block Detail Vertical Crest Anchors
G-4B - Typical Thrust Block Detail Vertical Crest Anchors (B values)
G5 - Typical Restraint Detail for Slopes Over 20%
G-6 - Typical Concrete Encasement
G-7 - Typical Pavement Patch for Private Paved Roads
G-8 - Typical Pipe Bollard

W-1 - Typical Ductile Iron Pipe Installation and Bedding Requirements
W-2 - Typical Fire Hydrant Installation
W-3A - Typical Blow-Off Assembly at End of Gate Valve or Pipe
W-3B - Typical Blow Off Assembly
W-4A - Typical Air Release Valve Installation
W-4B - Air Release Valve for Deep or Street Installation
W-5 - Typical Gate Valve Installation
W-6 - Typical Water Service Lateral Installation (5/8" - 1" Meters)
W-7A - Typical Water Service Connection (5/8", 3/4", & 1" Meters)
W-7B - Double Residential Meter Detail (5/8" Only)
W-8 - Typical Water Service Connection (1-1/2" & 2" Meters)
W-9 - Typical Vault for Domestic Meter Connection (3" & Larger)
W-10A - Typical Vault for Fire Line Meters
W-10B - Typical Vault for Fire Line Meters (5' Diameter Manhole)
W-10C - 1-1/2" & 2" Fire Line Meter (36" x 30" Meter Box)
W-11 - Typical Restraining Device
W-12 - Typical Water Service Lateral Abandonment

S-1 - Typical Sewer Pipe Installation In Trench
S-2A - Typical Residential Service Connection Less Than 8' Deep
S-2B - Typical Residential Service Connection Deeper Than 8'
S-3 - Typical Sanitary Sewer Manhole
S-4 - Typical Manhole Step
S-5 - Typical Precast Manhole with Drop Connection
S-6 - Typical Manhole Plan View Showing Branch Tie-In & Invert Channeling
S-7 - Typical Manhole Frame & Cover
S-7A - Typical Water-Tight Manhole Frame & Cover
S-8 - Manhole Ventilation
S-9 - Sanitary Sewer Manhole Abandonment
S-10 - Sanitary Sewer Pipe Abandonment at Manhole
S-11 - Typical Manhole Invert Abandonment
S-12- Sewer Service Abandonment