Did You Know?

Lithium ion batteries should not be thrown in the trash.  Lithium ion batteries have a high energy density and can potentially explode, burn, and/or vent toxic fumes when damaged during the disposal process.  Please recycle ALL batteries at the landfill or local scrap metal recyclers.  Local retailers may also recycle batteries from the products they sell.  The landfill recycles any type of battery, used electronics (except TVs), used motor oil, and used antifreeze. Click to learn more and see pictures of a tablet which caught fire.

Augusta County provides the following recycling activities at the landfill’s Public Use Site:

Cardboard                    Glass
Mixed Paper                 Aluminum Cans
Tin Cans                     

The last green open top container at the Public Use Site is also available for large cardboard boxes

The Augusta Regional Landfill also provides Used Oil, Used Antifreeze, and Used Battery Collection under the wooden shelter at the Public Use Site.
The Augusta Regional Landfill also recycles any type of scrap metal and white goods at the Public Use Site.  White goods include any type of household appliance.  Refrigerators, freezers, air conditions, and dehumidifiers should be set in the designated location at the scrap metal pile so landfill employees can remove the refrigerants.

Tires are recycled for a fee.  Please see our Fee Schedule.

The Augusta Regional Landfill also collects and recycles brush.  Please follow the Yard Waste signs within the facility.  Customers are asked to NOT throw non-yard waste (scrap metal, trash, plastic bags, concrete, dirt, building materials, pallets, crates, lumber, or lumber) into the yard waste recycling area.  The material is ground and recycled on-site.  The landfill does not provide mulch to citizens.

If you are uncertain what to do with a waste material, please refer to our Augusta Regional Landfill Disposal Guide.  If the material is not on the list, please call 337-2857 and we’ll be glad to assist and update the guide.