• The Augusta County Service Authority will be an independent, respected leader in the water, wastewater and solid waste industries, with a highly competent and motivated staff, committed to environmental stewardship.


  • The Augusta County Service Authority protects the public health and the environment by providing superb water and sewer service and solid waste disposal, working together with Augusta County to achieve the development objectives of the County's Comprehensive Plan and other mutually beneficial goals.


  • Honesty and Integrity: Working to always do the right thing, even when it is not the easy thing
  • Safety: Always striving to protect our employees, our customers and the environment
  • Respect: Shown to one another as well as to our customers
  • Customer Service: Trying to consider the needs of our customers first
  • Stewardship: Caring for our natural resources to provide for current and future generations
  • Efficiency: Embracing new ideas in a constant effort to work as cost effectively as possible
  • Consistency: Providing the highest level of service to every customer, every time
  • Compliance: Meeting or exceeding all regulatory requirements
  • Sustainability: Managing our resources to be fiscally, environmentally and technologically sustainable
  • Affordability: Meeting Board guidelines for water and sewer rates as well as keeping connection/availability fees comparable with state averages