All persons enter the Augusta Regional Landfill at their own risk.  The Landfill is not liable for bodily injury or property damage resulting from accidents on Landfill property.

  1. The only customers who are allowed to go to the active landfill are businesses, dump trailers / trucks, and customers with dead animals or ashes
  2. Customers must follow the directions of the spotter or landfill equipment operators at the active landfill at all times. 
  3. Once a vehicle is unloaded at the active landfill, all occupants must be inside the vehicle before it is moved. 
  4. All contract haulers are required to wear reflective or high visibility clothing when going to the active landfill.  All other landfill customers going to the active landfill are encouraged to wear reflective or high visibility clothing. 
  5. Pets and children under age 16 are not allowed outside of a vehicle at the active landfill or wood waste accumulation area. 
  6. No Scavenging is allowed. 
  7. Only drivers and equipment operators are allowed outside vehicles at the active landfill.  Drivers and equipment operators who exit a vehicle at the active landfill must remain within 6 feet of their vehicle at all times. 
  8. Landfill equipment operators have the right-of-way on the active landfill.  All vehicles must yield to pedestrians and landfill equipment. 
  9. Obey all posted traffic and speed limit signs.  The speed limit is 15 mph on the entire landfill property except where a lower limit is posted. 
  10. Seat belts must be worn in moving vehicles at all times. 
  11. All customers must ride inside vehicles at all times.  No riding on the outside of a vehicle or standing on a vehicle rear step is allowed on landfill property. 
  12. Do not pass moving vehicles.  Maintain safe following distances. 
  13. Report all injuries / accidents to the scale house. 

Failure to follow all landfill policies may lead to revocation of landfill privileges.