April 16, 2015
The Augusta County Service Authority (ACSA) is pleased to announce that its central laboratory, located at the Fishersville Wastewater Treatment Plant, has successfully passed its Proficiency Testing for the 13th consecutive year.  A Proficiency Test (PT) sample is a sample with a concentration unknown to the lab at the time of analysis.  PT testing is used to evaluate the laboratory’s accuracy and quality control and demonstrates a level of acceptable performance to the Commonwealth of Virginia Division of Consolidated Laboratory Services (DCLS), required by the EPA. Passing the Proficiency Testing for thirteen consecutive years is a major accomplishment which very few labs in the Commonwealth can claim.
The ACSA lab has been accredited by DCLS under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act since 2010. In the past year, lab staff performed 1,234 tests to verify drinking water quality in our 12 Water Systems and 10,032 tests on samples from our 10 Wastewater Treatment plants.  These tests included:  Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Total Suspended Solids, Ammonia, Phosphorus, E coli and Total Coliforms.  Staff uses this lab data to provide treatment plant operators with information to optimize operations and to demonstrate compliance with many permit requirements set by the state Departments of Environmental Quality and Health and the Environmental Protection Agency. 
Another notable recognition for the Service Authority was the presentation of the Virginia Rural Water Association “Wastewater Operator of the Year” Award to Pat Conroy, who has been an ACSA employee for 30 years.