The Augusta Regional Landfill is owned by the County of Augusta, Staunton, and Waynesboro.  The Augusta County Service Authority (ACSA) contractually operates and serves as the fiscal agent for the three owner localities.

The Augusta/Staunton Landfill #1 began operations in unlined fill areas under Permit # 21.  The landfill was located at its current location of 749 Christians Creek Road, Staunton, VA.  At that time, the landfill was owned by the County of Augusta and Staunton and was operated by ACSA.  The old landfill (Permit #21) is no longer accepting waste and is currently in the post-closure care process. 

In 1998, the new landfill (Permit #585) was constructed and permitted as a Subtitle D facility with a 60-mil thick layer of high density polyethylene liner, leachate collection systems, groundwater monitoring network, and gas migration monitoring wells.  In 1999, the City of Waynesboro joined ownership with the County of Augusta and the City of Staunton and the Augusta Regional Landfill #2 was formed.

Permit #585 has a total of 77.7 permitted acres and has been divided into seven phases.  All solid waste is currently being landfilled in Phase 4 of Permit #585. Construction of Phase 5 is likely to begin in the next 3 years.  At the current waste acceptance rate, Permit # 585 has 35 - 45 years of capacity remaining.

The Augusta Regional Landfill receives approximately 500 tons of waste daily from the County of Augusta, and from the cities of Staunton and Waynesboro.  The Augusta Regional Landfill also accepts privately hauled household waste from Highland County.

The landfill has 19 employees who are responsible for all landfill activities which include daily operations, the soil amendment program, leachate management, customer billing, and receivables.